Endorsements and Letters of Support:


Police Endorsement on Letterhead for Mo, Bill, and Solomon

I want to sincerely thank the Firefighters who are working the rugged mountains and steep slopes fighting the Bighorn Fire. Your efforts are heroic!  It’s an incredible honor to have your endorsement in my campaign for the Oro Valley Town Council. We are grateful for what you do for us every day!

FireFighters 3832 Endorsement of Harry Mo Greene for Oro Valley Town Council, www.mo4orovalley.com

TAR Press Release Endorsement Oro Valley[5582]2020

Dr.Green_PAC Endorsement

Issued to the Explorer Newspaper

It is campaign season and the misleading information has started.  I encourage my fellow residents to review the facts and get informed on the issues.  I did and found out that if you compare total rounds played on the El Conquistador courses September thru April, it is actually 38,649 and not the 21,987 reported in some media sources, the Town is not going broke and it is well-positioned to weather the pandemic, the PSPRS pension has a Town funding plan in place and staff are monitoring its status and the Community Center Fund, supported by the ½ cent sales tax is trending positive thru April $478,709.

I recommend casting an informed vote and supporting those who helped get the Town in a good position, Bill Rodman, Mo Greene and Steve Solomon

George J. Lindsay, Oro Valley



He’s done it.

Meet Dr. Harry “Mo” Greene who is running for Oro Valley Town Council.

Mo is a retired physician with a long list or professional accomplishments and accolades.  Impressive Bio and I invite you to read it.  But what stands out to me (as another physician and regular citizen) is what Mo has done beyond his career in treating patients.

Ever hear of CHIP?  It’s the national Children’s Health Insurance Plan now administered in all states that guarantees children of low-income parents or guardians will have a way to pay for their child’s healthcare.  Children can get the care they need from vaccinations, mending broken bones or treatment of major diseases.  Mo worked with the Governor of Massachusetts to design and implement such a plan that was the framework for our current national CHIP.

How about Ronald McDonald House?  Mo helped set up the first one.  This is a place for parents to stay when their child is undergoing extended hospital treatment.

He was a teacher of and mentor to medical students and residents.  They even elected him teacher of the year and this is pretty impressive considering the demands of medical students and the amount of material they need to learn.

He continues his teaching and mentoring with SAACA, the Southern Arizona Arts Council.

But what about herding cats?  Mo headed the Massachusetts Medical Association, a professional association of over 17,000 physicians, all of whom were highly educated, highly motivated, and yes, most likely highly opinionated.  If he can provide the leadership to unite that group, we need him in Oro Valley!

Mo has shown he cares about the “whole patient” and not just individual problems.  He will bring that approach to Oro Valley.  He has participated in our community for over 20 years and become a part of it.  I trust him to do what’s best for all of Oro Valley and to provide compassionate and experienced leadership on our Town Council.

Janis Johnson MD. Previously, Chief Medical Officer, Health Net of Arizona and Medical Director at UPI University.



With the Love Blog teeing up stories on campaign contributions before the July financial reporting period for the upcoming council election, I thought I’d volunteer some realities you won’t get from them.  Contributions made by local business and individuals is typical in American democracy and allows them a means to support candidates whose views align with their interests, and that is entirely appropriate.  As long as campaign contributions are made legally, and the elected officials act within the law, there is nothing dishonest about the process.

Those opposing the incumbents have a history of being deceitful to take advantage of the misinformed.  Here in Oro Valley campaign contributions will be characterized as corruption and bribery in irresponsible campaign slogans in hopes of smearing campaigns and reputations.  Once again, individuals with business interests that choose to make legal contributions to the candidates who will support business development are legal and entirely appropriate.

The contributions in question will be from developers, contractors, and material suppliers, the nucleus of our local construction industry.  Construction is the third-largest contributor to the US economy and contributes significantly to the economic growth of our nation.  For the prosperity of any country, the Construction Industry is quintessential.  It is the engine of growth.  

The housing industry stands poised to lead the economic rebound once social distancing and other virus mitigation efforts show success in containing the coronavirus pandemic.  In a recent report, the National Home Builders Association stated that the one-year economic impact of building 100 single-family homes with an average price of $378,000 is astronomical. Those 100 homes generate an estimated $28.7 million in local income, $3.6 million in revenue for the local government, and 394 jobs for the local community.  Again, Construction is the engine of growth!

Oro Valley needs the construction industry more than ever because the cost of maintaining our way of life is increasing.  If we are not growing, we are dying. It is conventional wisdom, especially amongst the small-town business community, and a belief based on the observation that the cost of doing business requires more income.  Indeed, when you generally look across the landscape, towns that are not growing are dying.

James Prunty is a retired Association Executive with 20+ years of experience with two of the largest US construction trade associations.

Physicians Inc. now Banner Health


Get the True Facts!

It is campaign season and the misleading information has started.  I encourage my fellow residents to review the facts and get informed on the issues.  I did and found out that if you compare total rounds played on the El Conquistador courses September thru April, it is actually 38,649 and not the 21,987 reported in some media sources, the Town is not going broke and it is well positioned to weather the pandemic, the PCRS pension has a Town funding plan in place and staff is monitoring it’s status and the Community Center Fund, supported by the ½ cent sales tax is trending positive thru April $478,709.

I recommend casting an informed vote and supporting those who helped get the Town in a good position, Bill Rodman, Mo Greene and Steve Solomon

George J. Lindsay, Oro Valley


Fiscal Sense

Tim Bohen’s statement that “Oro Valley should not be run like a business” is a ‘Bohen-headed’ thought that for a person with his credentials is astonishing! According to Oro Valley’s own website the fiscal 2020 budget is $111,019,716.00! (OVER ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS) This is not petty cash, Mr. Bohen. Oro Valley can’t print money, but has to deal with real dollars, real income, necessary expenses, the economy, recognizing potential expenditures, needs of the town both short and long term, etc. This takes business sense and smarts, Mr. Bohen. Failure to run a 111 million dollar+ enterprise as anything other than a business will result in fiscal failure sooner or later. We need council members with financial sense and your statement shows an unfortunate lack thereof.

William Wissler, Oro Valley


Harry L. “Mo” Greene, A Physician for All Times

On August 4th, Oro Valley residents will have an opportunity to cast their votes for 3 council members.  Let me share with you why my friend Harry L. “Mo” Greene, MD is worthy of your consideration and why he is the right choice for the current challenges facing the Town of Oro Valley.

As a retired healthcare executive, 40-year resident of Pima County and a 15-year resident of Oro Valley, I know what it takes to be successful in the practice of medicine and serving a community.  As a physician, “Mo” has given a life of service to others which he now is extending to his community.  He is well trained in problem-solving…that’s what physicians do.  His servant leadership and problem-solving skills make him a solid choice in the run for a Oro Valley council member seat.

Mo’s impressive bio is worth reading but its foundation is characterized by a stellar career in medicine and for several years right here at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine as Vice Chairman.  He is a teacher, author and Publisher of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.  You may well ask, “how do these medical and scientific skill sets transfer to the Council Chambers?”  A Careful Listener and Thoughtful Decision-Maker characterize Dr. Greene’s profile.  Although this is Mo’s first time running for public office, his training as a physician to listen carefully and to make difficult decisions positions him well for public service.  His medical skill sets will successfully transfer to the council member’s role as he listens carefully to his constituents, assimilates data and, makes decisions that are in the best interests of Oro Valley residents.  Mo is energized and eager to use his skill sets, experiences and creativity in dealing with issues facing the community of Oro Valley.

A guiding maxim for physicians is “First do no harm.”  As a council member, Mo will be guided in making solid policy decisions in behalf of all Oro Valley residents…that’s his training; that’s who he is; that’s what he does.  Trust-Character-Integrity are the characteristics of this leader.  These qualities are the bedrock for success in any endeavor, medical or civic. Mo is a collaborator which always works well in the political arena.

Consider Mo’s vision of a community that would share and support all ages and would include childcare for parents, volunteerism, a senior center, and an arts and cultural activities center for all.  For Mo, it is about balancing careful growth within a budgetary framework based on stretch goals for our Town.  He envisions the Oro Valley Marketplace as an alternative center for entertainment, retail, dining, hotel and additional living space for new residents.  Successful completion of this re-purposed center will have a significant and positive impact on the Town’s financial future while precluding the need for additional taxes.

A staunch supporter of Public Safety agencies (police and fire), Mo will work hard to preserve Oro Valley’s designation as one of America’s safest cities and Arizona’s safest community.  He will work collaboratively with the police and fire chiefs to assure that Oro Valley continues to have a safe community environment.

Mo Greene is committed to a plan of carefully managed growth in Oro Valley, a plan which maintains our natural beauty and desert spaces while growing the town in a way that supports families and businesses.  He supports working with Preserve Vistoso to resolve the issue of golf course closure and the attendant loss of property values.  Mo will seek a win-win for all parties as he works toward a solution.

I’ll be voting for Dr. Harry L. “Mo” Greene on August 4th and sincerely hope that you will join me in a vote that will bring a value-added dimension and a new council member to the Town of Oro Valley.

Tom Plantz is a Retired Healthcare Executive,

USAF Officer, Vietnam Veteran, Published

Author and 15 year Resident of Oro Valley


Business Smarts

I am writing in support of Soloman, Rodman, and Greene for the Oro Valley Town Council. These three men will bring a business perspective to the town council. Why would you not want to run a town business? Think of tourism, bringing business to the area, safety on our streets, and general well-being of the residents.

Management of our town is a business, and it should be run like that. I am voting for Mr. Solomon, Mr. Rodman, and Dr. Greene for town council.

Brenda Payton, Oro Valley


Are Oro Valley Police “Thugs”? NO!

The Defund the Police movement could not have been timed better for Bill Garner.  During Mr. Garner’s previous stint on the Oro Valley Town Council, he consistently voted against the Oro Valley Police 7 out of 8 times, was critical of the department and he has called our police “Thugs”.  Here’s a quote from the Arizona Daily Star in 2014:  “Unfortunately, this department is a prima donna department. It tries to put candidates forward sympathetic to it so its interest can go unchecked. “It’s union politics and thuggery that goes on”.

Is this the representation we want on our Oro Valley Town Council?  Not for me.  I fully appreciate our Oro Valley Police who have made our community one of the safest in the country.  Their motto has been “When you call a cop, you get a cop”.  And this is not true of our neighboring Tucson, which ranks far below Oro Valley in community safety ratings. The Oro Valley Darkhouse Program where an officer or volunteer checks the exterior of your house when you’re out of town is a service most communities don’t have.   We can be and are proud of our Police and they deserve our support.  


Mo Greene, Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon will guarantee our Police are supported – through funding of operations and the pension plan.

Don’t defund the police.  Vote for Greene, Rodman and Solomon for Oro Valley Town Council.  

Janis Johnson, Oro Valley


Small towns throughout the United States are looking for ways to strengthen their economies, provide a better quality of life, and build on local assets. Many small towns are facing challenges, including rapid grot. Smart growth strategies can help Oro Valley achieve their goals for growth and development while maintaining it’s distinctive character. Planning where development should or should not go can encourage growth in our town, where businesses can thrive, and families can live close to their daily destinations. Policies that protect the rural landscape help preserve open space, protect air and water quality, provide places for recreation and create tourist attractions that bring investments into our economy. Local economic specialization and competitive advantage matter. 

That’s why I’m voting for Rodman, Solomon and Greene. They are creative problem solvers and will continue to keep Oro Valley one of Arizona’s high performing towns!

Terry Wolf, Oro Valley