20 Questions for Mo

1) What are your three favorite things about Oro Valley?

I love the people, the multi-cultural nature of the place, and the amazing variety of recreational opportunities.

2) What inspired you to run for Council?

The opportunity for more thoughtful decision making.

3) What Accomplishment are you most proud of?

The Children’s Health Care Legislation. It consisted of a collection of bi-partisan people from multiple professions working together for something really special. It is now the national model. I was happy to work with (now) Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts who was a unifying partner.

4) Which accomplishment would your parents be most proud of?

The one that touched their lives was the Hope Lodge. As part of a team of four, I was the medical founder of this program, a home for adult cancer patients and their families when receiving cancer treatment far from home.

5) What will be your priority on the Council?

Careful listening and thoughtful decision making. The call to audience may be very strident and may feel personal to the council but what our citizens have to say comes from a place of passion and belief. We must sometimes reconsider our previous beliefs and learn from those we represent.

6) What made you come back to Oro Valley after retiring from the Massachusetts Medical Society leadership?

We loved it here. Our neighbors and this community and the opportunities for my hobbies, art, writing, and public service.

7) What is your favorite piece of sculpture in Oro Valley?

I’m very blessed to call many of the artists in our local art community friends. If l have to pick just one, at this moment, it’s the Mountain Lion in the Square in front of town hall.

8) How has your passion for teaching shaped you?

Teaching is my favorite thing. Whether teaching Medicine or Anatomy or Portrait or Landscape painting it is the same. Seeing a person discover a deeper layer of knowledge to create something  beautiful or help someone live is healing act for all involved. With that comes a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and an inner sense of achievement.  My most treasured moments led me to the teaching awards from my students and house staff at Harvard, University of Massachusetts and here at the U. of Arizona.

9)         How long have you been married to your sweetheart?

My cousin, Jane Fox introduced us while Linda was a nursing student and I was assistant Dean of Students at Westminster College. We hit it off from the first moment.  We will have been married 50 years in June, 2020.

10)       What do you think your legacy will be?

I haven’t thought much about a legacy. My father was a small town country doctor who used to say “Try to leave it better than you found it!” So I guess that’s what I try to do.

11)       What are you most passionate about?

After love of my wife and family, I am passionate about teaching, learning, honesty and integrity.

12)       What made you decide to focus on insurance for children?

When I was working at the Massachusetts Medical Society/New England Journal of Medicine I served in a free clinic where we would see the children with no  coverage safety net. We would examine them and make diagnoses and treat what we could at that visit. There were many times when you give them the medicine they needed donated by a pharmacy,  but what did they do when they ran out of  medicine or if they needed a procedure? We were dealing in partial treatment. It kept me up at night, this band aid on an open wound and I knew we could and we should do better.

13)       Do you have children?

Yes we had four but lost one. Our son, Harry the third, is a helicopter pilot who has worked rescue missions in Alaska, the Bering sea and helped rescue people during Hurricane Katrina and in Puerto Rico. During the California wild fires he rescued both the staff and the birds at the California Condor refuge.  Michele is a nurse/nursing teacher in Boston and Worcester Massachusetts. Jennifer lives in San Diego and is also a nurse who has been a pediatric ICU nurse and also works helping to arrange long term care for respirator bound  children.

14)       What is your favorite place or activity to take them?

We love beaches, be it Hawaii or  California. Locally we look forward to Sabino Canyon, Catalina State Park and the Desert Museum

15)       What do you love about our Community Center?

It’s a beautiful destination location for everyone in the region. It is reasonably priced, well managed and has something for everyone. International tourists come to enjoy the incredible courses, seniors enjoy the group classes, from aquatic workouts to Zumba, as well as the courts. It doesn’t matter if you prefer tennis, racquetball or the pickle ball courts, we have them available! The community center also offers children’s camps when school vacation times come around. Families are welcome to take advantage of the two free hours of child care if you are working out.  The quarterly art displays in the Overlook Restaurant highlight the incredible range of talent in our community.  The Overlook Restaurant is special too. It is a great place to gather daily and to celebrate special occasions.

16)       What is your vision of a community that is age friendly?

My vision is of a community that would share and support all ages and would include, child care for parents, volunteerism, a senior center, arts and cultural activities. culinary arts and theater arts. Children could depend on the compassion and the understanding of the middle aged and elderly.  We have to remember the need to keep our education system strong with support for our  local schools and our incredible teachers.

17)       How can we add amenities for our children without a property tax?

It all revolves around thoughtful spending. We are a town that can boast of being one of the safest in Arizona with great schools, and a great community.  We need to thoughtfully balance saving money but also know that a town with great amenities will provide a reason for families to buy a home and invest in Oro Valley.  We need to balance careful growth with a steady path of improvements and additions to our parks and fields.

18)       What can Oro Valley do to increase our 4 million dollar revenue from tourism?

We will have an opportunity to construct two new hotels in the Oro Valley Village plan which be a huge revenue generator.  The current bed tax is 8%.  That means for every $100 earned we get $8.  This will go a long way in continuing our improvements to schools, parks, and recreation.

19)       What’s a simple way anyone can improve our Oro Valley?

Get involved. Participate! Vote! Elect thoughtful people who love the community and want to see it thrive.

20)       Do you have a motto or quote you live by?

Two come to mind. Primum Non Nocere and Melius est Abire

First Do No Harm and Leave it better.  I hope I can do both as a member of your town council.