Oro Valley Town Council, www.mo4orovalley.com, Vote Harry Mo Greene 2020
Oro Valley Town Council Candidates 2020, Vote Harry Mo Greene, www.mo4orovalley.com
Oro Valley Town Council Candidates 2020, Vote Harry Mo Greene, www.mo4orovalley.com

Dr. Harry L. “Mo” Greene

For Oro Valley Town Council

My personal campaign slogan is “Move Forward With Mo.”  As a practicing physician for many years, and art appreciation enthusiast to this day, my oath was to first do no harm. As a member of the town council, I will devote myself to those principles and represent Oro Valley constituents to the best of my ability.

Why I am running for Town Council of Oro Valley, Arizona

I first moved to Arizona in 1989 to work with my former mentor, Dr. James Dalen, who had become Dean of the University of Arizona College of Medicine. We had been together at Harvard and had worked together to help create a new medical school, The University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worchester, Massachusetts in 1978. I was appointed an Associate Professor, Vice Chairman of Medicine and Head of Primary Care at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Harry Mo Greene for Oro Valley Town Council
Elect Dr. Harry Mo Greene for Oro Valley Town Council 2020


Please read this message from Dave Perry:


An OV Election, & What We Believe

Above all, we believe your vote matters. Please cast it.

Democracy, the best form of government around, has its discomforts. Political campaigns rank high among those.

Oro Valley is in such a campaign, with 5 candidates – alphabetically, Tim Bohen, Bill Garner, Dr. Harry “Mo” Greene, incumbent Councilman Bill Rodman and incumbent Councilman Steve Solomon – seeking 3 seats on the town council.

Your Chamber has a $40,000 annual operating agreement with the town for services rendered. Within that accord, we agree to not endorse candidates for mayor or council. Only biennially (or more frequently when Oro Valley has a recall election) does the acknowledged endorsement muzzle tighten. But we abide by it – you won’t read an endorsement for council candidates here.

Rather, as we have done in past years, we state what we believe.

Our Chamber is a pro-business, pro-growth organization. Our mission – Maximizing Oro Valley’s unmatched assets – is consistent with our belief that strong communities and healthy business environments exist hand-in-hand. We need one another.

In the life of a community, we believe there is no standing still. Either you grow, or you recede. What doesn’t grow, withers.

For many years now, this fortunate community has chosen to grow, and the fruits are apparent. Oro Valley is evolving into a complete community, a terrific place in which to live, to raise a family, to work and to do business. It is clean, safe, well-maintained, well-served, and wisely developed.
 And it has cash.


In a report to the mayor and council, Oro Valley Chief Financial Officer David Gephart projects the town – with 1 month of data not yet collected — will have ended its fiscal year June 30 with $18.4 million in general fund reserves.
That’s about 44 percent of general fund budgeted expenses. Town ordinance requires a reserve of not less than 25 percent.

Now, that $18.4 million didn’t accumulate overnight. It has grown over years, the result of decisions such as allowing Pima County to pay for our library, and for the county to pay for regional transit like Dial-A-Ride. It derives from a
relatively nimble town government that projects revenue conservatively, is unafraid to slow hiring when necessary, and is smart enough to explore collective efficiencies ranging from health care to street preservation.

That reserve is also the result of elected and appointed leadership figuring out ways to say “yes” when people want to build houses, apartments, commercial and retail developments in our community.

In the fiscal year that ended June 30 – again, with 1 month of data outstanding – Oro Valley had collected $5.05 million in construction sales taxes. Some of those taxes are levied on the materials to build what will be 275 new homes, bringing 275 new families who will contribute to the social, community and economic fabrics of Oro Valley, send their kids to our schools, work in our businesses, dine (someday again) in our restaurants.

Another big portion of that revenue comes from taxes on major commercial investments, such as the 2 multi-million-dollar projects now under way at our largest employer, Roche Tissue Diagnostics.

Still another $2.2 million comes from licenses and permits issued for residential and commercial construction activity.

That’s $7.25 million, about 18 percent of all the money Oro Valley is collecting in the fiscal year. Nearly $1 of every $5 comes from growth.


Growth generates the money that gives our community … options. We can build a playground at Naranja Park, or add an elevator to the community center, or perhaps someday absorb responsibility for the acreage that was the Golf Club at Vistoso. We can keep our streets in exceptional repair, and pay on our obligation toward police pensions. Growth helps keep our town’s bond ratings high. Fundamentally, growth helps keep the values of our homes high, and rising.

Decline shrinks our opportunities. Decline limits our options. Stop growth, or slow it, and you stop or slow the flow of tax revenue. Stop growth, and our community begins to wither.

We need elected leadership that connects the dots among smart growth, robust economic activity, and the resulting tax revenues that allow Oro Valley to keep rising. We need people willing to get to “yes” on development, in an open, transparent way that maintains the ability for Oro Valley residents to say what they think. We need leadership that sees the benefits of annexation, carefully pursued. We need leadership that sees the General Plan as a tool, not an obstacle to new ideas for land use. We need respectful elected leadership that considers all perspectives, and listens to everyone, both neighbors and the community at large, and not just the perennially angry, distrustful and narrow-minded.

We’re in the throes of a pandemic, with uncertainty ahead. But we can’t take our eyes off the ball. This community has a remarkably bright future. Let’s get to it. Let’s grow.

We believe your vote counts, this year, and every year. Please vote, by mail now, or at the Aug. 4 polls.


‌Dave Perry
President / CEO


Oro Valley Council, www.mo4orovalley.com, www.billrodman.org, www.solomonovcouncil.com, Don't Let Garner Fool Us Again
Oro Valley Council, www.mo4orovalley.com, www.billrodman.org, www.solomonovcouncil.com, Oro Valley Needs your Vote

Endorsements for Harry “Mo” Greene for Oro Valley

Approved by Harry Greene for Oro Valley


Police Endorsement on Letterhead for Mo, Bill, and Solomon



FireFighters 3832 Endorsement of Harry Mo Greene for Oro Valley Town Council, www.mo4orovalley.com




Other Community Endorsements for Dr. Harry “Mo” Greene.

Fire Department Endorsement for Harry Greene, Oro Valley Council Candidates 2020, www.mo4orovalley.com Fire Department Endorsement for Harry Greene, Oro Valley Council Candidates 2020, www.mo4orovalley.com
El Conquistador Golf Endorsement for www.mo4orovalley.com El Conquistador Golf Endorsement for www.mo4orovalley.com

Public Safety Mo supports our public safety agencies which have helped make Oro Valley a “Safe Community.”

Community Involvement –  Mo supports community involvement so that everyone’s voice is heard.

Return to Fiscal Responsibility Mo will ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely

Economic Development   Mo will pursue High-Tech economic development that brings high paying jobs to the community and strengthens our tax base without increasing taxes.

Capital Improvements Mo will evaluate current capital improvements to fund long term maintenance needs and seek the funding needed to avoid “crisis” expenditures.

Dr. Greene is committed to working with the other council members and staff to achieve positive results.

For the full list of Mo’s positions, please click here.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and the need for social distancing / limits on maximum gathering sizes, all events are on hold until further notice.

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What Mo brings to the table

Mo’s thoughts on Vistoso

Re-opening Oro Valley

Open Letter to OV Residents

Dear Oro Valley residents:

I’m Harry L Greene, candidate for Oro Valley Town Council. I tell you that because that’s how it will appear on the ballot. My friends call me “Mo” so I’m hoping you will want to call me “Mo” too. The backstory is this: When I was born I was named for my father and we shared the name Harry Le Moine Greene and I was a second. Le Moine is pronounced like Des Moines Iowa. The Le Moine got shortened to Moine then further shortened to Mo when I was at Missouri Boys State. The nickname stuck. Like Paul Harvey, now you know the rest of the story.

This will be my first time running for public office – ever. I guess you could call me a “seasoned” beginner. As a matter of fact, I’ve lived in Oro Valley for 24 years, but I’m what you might call a born-again resident. I first moved to Tucson in 1989 for a position at the University of Arizona Health Science Center as Vice Chairman of Medicine and Head of Primary Care. We loved Oro Valley at first sight. The mountains, the blue skies, the desert. Every sunrise and sunset always a stunning sight.

In 1994 another opportunity graced us with what in medicine would be considered a dream job, as the Executive Vice President of the Massachusetts Medical Society and Publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine. Some things are meant to be and we moved to Boston and a new medical career began where I could put prevention into practice.

I worked closely with Charlie Baker, who went on to become the current governor of Massachusetts, to introduce health care legislation that covered all children in Massachusetts. The bill became a model law in one form or another in every state in the union. People told us it couldn’t be done – we proved what to others was impossible.

Next little miracle happened as a member of the Board of the American Cancer Society when we developed the first Hope Lodge in Massachusetts for adult cancer patients and their families to stay while receiving treatment far from home, similar to the first – now-famous – Ronald McDonald House for children that was established back when I was a Chief Resident in Boston.

Finally retired from the Medical world, we didn’t hesitate to return to Oro Valley. With all children now out of the nest with careers and families of their own, we have two dogs and life is good. We have been participants and observers of all things Oro Valley ever since, dividing my time between portrait oil painting projects, art festivals, and as an art instructor to others who love it as much as I do.

As an author of seven books, all medical-related, I am eager to use my background, research skills, and creativity on more practical issues like some of the community challenges that Oro Valley faces. As a member of the council, I want to make a difference just as I tried to do all my life in medicine and art.

I’m grateful to my friends and neighbors willing to serve on my campaign committee, already in the process of reaching out to as many Oro Valley voters as we can as I continue my “listening tour.”

“My campaign manager, George Lindsay, and Finance Manager, Terry Wolf, are actively engaged to accept any amount of your valuable time and money to help us get enough signatures to get on the ballot, win the primary August 4th and go on to win the general election November 3, 2020. With your help, we will get the job done.

As a former HOA Board Member, I stay active in my own community and appreciate what it takes to keep faith with neighbors and their needs and wishes, including street improvement projects and keeping the fee structure low and the amenities high quality. Several are now trusted advisors and volunteers on my campaign.

My personal campaign slogan is “Move Forward With Mo.”As a practicing physician for many years, and an art appreciation enthusiast to this day, my oath was to first do no harm. As a member of the town council, I will devote myself to those principles and represent Oro Valley constituents to the best of my ability.

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Harry L. Greene AKA “Mo”

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